Original Black Jumbo Shower Cap
Jumbo shower cap perfect for taking your favorite hot showers keeping your longbraids, twists, locs or weave 18-40inches tucked away and completely dry! Shower caphas a non-slip elastic headband perfect for those steamy showers. You will walk out ofthe shower...
Signature Jumbo Bonnet
Double layered jumbo bonnet perfect for day and night wear keeping your long braids,twists, locs or weave 18-40inches tucked away and off your shoulders. Bonnet has anon-slip elastic head band perfect for those restless nights. You will wake up with...
Classic Black Logo Satin Edge Scarf
3ft 3inch Satin silk scarf perfect for maximizing your laid edges wear. After applying youredge control, use your scarf to hold your edges down tightly for the night. Comfortableenough to fit under your favorite bonnet. Classic black look with Idle...
Spatula Edge Brush
NEW, NEW! Say goodbye to dipping your hands in your edge control or gel! Your edge control brush now comes with a spatula to pick up the product for you. A traditional brush and comb duo on the opposite end.
Regular Edge Brush
This brush is perfect for creating those sleek edges using both brush and comb end. After applying your Idle Locs edge control, use your edge brush to smooth in the product, then use your comb side to achieve your desired...
Crochet Needle
One (1) per order Perfect styling tool for ANY AND ALL crochet styles!  
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